Sunday, November 30, 2008

Remaining Tasks

I just looked back at a post from earlier this month - "Remaining Tasks" - just to make sure that I have everything covered that I felt at that point was important. I'm realizing there is still more to be done!!
  1. Have car seat installed and inspected by Police Department. This still remains on the list. After calling several local PDs and FDs, none have a carseat inspection program any longer. The car seat base is in our car, but just sitting there, not installed. Kevin's sister is going to install it for us and I'll have someone at the hospital inspect it before we take Riley home. I should go to her house today to have her pop it in there.
  2. Screw changing pad to changing table. This is still Kevin's department - and still hasn't been done.
  3. Hang baby monitor. Since this is something I was able to do on my own, it was done a few weeks ago. However once I got it hung, I didn't like it, so it is nestled in a corner of her crib with all wires tucked away so that they don't pose a safety threat. Finally - one thing that was accomplished.
  4. Add last few items to hospital bag. I think I am all set here. I've decided against an iPod. I am a curious person and want to be able to hear everything going on around me at all times. I charged up the video camera last night (no, we are NOT taping the actual birth - the camera (if used) will remain up by my head the entire time). The camera is all set with new batteries and a clear memory stick. I figure I'll send Kevin down to the gift shop for a new magazine if I need one. The boppy is ready and the breast pump pieces and parts have all been sanitized and are ready to go. My going home outfit is packed as well - a comfy sweat suit.
  5. Hang book rack. Still sitting on the floor, leaning against the crib. I think the main reason this hasn't been done is that we cannot seem to come to an agreement on where in the room to hang it. Kevin feels it makes the room too cramped, but it is the most logical place to hang a book rack that holds children's books. This must get done today - otherwise I've threatened Kevin that he'll lose his "holding the baby" privileges. =)

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