Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 39 Update

Yesterday marked 39 weeks for me - hard to believe I've come this far. At times I feel as thought I've been pregnant forever, and other times I feel like the time has flown. I have my weekly OB appointment at 11:00am this morning and am wondering if I'll be told any progress has been made. I had dream after dream last night about the pregnancy overall, one of which was my doctor suggesting I be induced this week. That one stuck with me.

Dr. B works in a group practice. What does this mean? It means that while chances are high, my doctor isn't necessarily the one who will delivery Riley. It all depends who is on call at the time I go into labor. I've put this out of my mind up to this point because, frankly, I want only Dr. B to deliver me and no one else. Today I am going to ask him what the chances will be that he will be delivering me if I were to go between today and Sunday (my due date). I hope the answer is the one I want to hear, but with Thanksgiving this week, I don't know if he'll be in town, etc.

Kevin and I did a LOT of walking this weekend. I walked more on Saturday than I have walked since working from home - and that is no exaggeration. While it was exhausting and actually made my legs and feet ache, it felt great to be moving that much. I realized how much pressure there is in the pelvic region, making me think Riley has descended even further. Who knows, though. I just hope that the walking will have helped things progress. Other than that, there is nothing much more to report on the baby front. No contractions this weekend.

Riley taking her time allowed me to continue getting Christmas shopping completed and decorations up. Kevin and I needed new Christmas stockings and yesterday I ordered monogrammed ones from Pottery Barn. We decided to get them monogrammed with "Mom" and "Dad" and just seemed so weird to me! We're ordering a matching one for Riley, too, but decided to wait just until she arrives - just to really make sure that she is a SHE!!

I'll post another update after my appointment - wish me luck!!

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