Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Riley Elayne is ONE!

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My baby is one. ONE! How in the world did that happen? Just as my cousin said, it is just like God to place a celebration in our lives just at a time that we need it. While our hearts were breaking early last week, there was a constant band-aid on them, pulling them back together. It was knowing that we had a big reason to smile and to celebrate - our baby girl was about to have a monumental birthday and we were going to party as if our hearts were fine. Sure, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fake happiness and that behind a weak smile and bright eyes would be a quivering lip and welled up tears. That was just the reason that I requested from all in attendance that we focus only on Riley - and that we not talk about the week's earlier events. This was HER day. No tears allowed.

The birthday girl made quite the impression on all of her guests. Riley LOVES attention. She thrives on it. From the moment she woke up Saturday morning and saw the beautiful decorations that her daddy put up the night before, she knew this was her day. After opening up a couple early morning presents from Daddy and I, she sprung into action, helping us prepare for the guests who were to arrive at noon. Her first task? Placing the balloon bouquets!

The day went perfectly, from the decorations, to Riley's first experience with cake, to opening presents and thanking guests for coming. Our princess was treated as royalty and left everyone with wonderful memories and cheeks that ached from smiling so much. Seeing our 36 guests was just another reminder of how loved and blessed we are. Riley Elayne is one. Incredible.

It's Just Like God ...

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It's December. Time for a fresh start. We've boxed up the memories and sadness that November brought and are storing them away now, looking at our future with anticipation. Sure, I am certainly not emotionally over the grief that came along with the miscarriage, but I am optimistic. I am healing. I am looking forward instead of backwards. It is my choice and my choice alone, whether I want to heal or if I want to be bitter. I choose to heal. I just continue to thank God for Riley and Kevin and the support of our extended family and friends - healing would be so much more difficult without the extra prayers and words of encouragement that we have received over the past week.

My cousin made a great point - "It's just like God to place a celebration in our lives just at a time that we need it". She was referring to the wonderful celebration this past weekend ... which leads me to my next post ...