Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Day ... Thursday, August 2, 2012

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I have been away from the blog again ... For much too long. I know this should be one of my top priorities as to preserve memories and milestones of my girls, but it has fallen to the wayside. However, each day I continue to take countless photos of my girls, doing things throughout our day. It occurred to me that I should simply begin posting these pictures on here at the end of each day and our stores, memories and milestones can be told through pictures! So here we go ...

Our day began with egg white breakfast sandwiches. Originally this was mommy's, but the girls fell in love with it and decided to share one.

After this, we took a trip to Sam's Club. This is always a gamble and I'm not sure if it ends successful or stressful, but it was a fabulous trip and the girls loved their bakery cookies.

I had used a trip to the neighborhood playground as a bit of bribery for good behavior at Sams, so I had to stay true to my word.

The girls ate a great lunch and it was soon nap time. Riley had been pleading for me to play dolls with her, so I made her a deal that she could trade her nap in for an early bedtime and we would use the time to play dolls. We shook on it. That made it official.

Riley drew me a picture while I tended to a fussy-and-no-napping-Sophie.

Soon we were outside playing while dinner finished up in the crock pot and we waited on Daddy to come home from work. Nothing more fun than some sidewalk chalk, a sprinkler and a water table!