Monday, May 31, 2010

A Perfect Memorial Day

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What a great day to remember those who fought and are fighting to protect our wonderful county.  God bless the USA!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes, This is Nancy ...

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Awwwww yeaaaaaa.  I received the phone call this morning that Riley's water table is in!  I can't wait to pick it up tonight!  I am also very thankful that I remembered to say, "Yes, this is Nancy" when they called to inform me. 

You see, when I went to get the raincheck the other day, the woman asked me my last name. 

"Balaban.  B like boy, A-L-A, B like boy, A-N like Nancy". 

This is the standard way I spell my last name for anyone who asks.  I kept wondering when she was going to ask my first name, but she never did.  Then she said, "Thanks Nancy!  We'll call you when it arrives!".  I felt too guilty to explain that my name wasn't Nancy ... and that I simply said Nancy because sometimes I make my 'N' sound like 'M' and that's probably my own fault for not learning to enunciate better when I was in elementary school because back then I was sure that I was going to grow up to become a professional cheerleader and who really needs to differentiate 'M from 'N' when shouting "De-fense!!  De-fense!!"  Anyhow ... I digress.

So I was nervous that I'd forget to say that I was, in fact, Nancy when they called me and that I'd then lose my only shot at the world's coolest water table ever.

But I didn't.

So this was a long post for no reason.  Other than to say that the table is in.  And that I now go by Nancy.