Thursday, November 13, 2008

That's More Like It ...

I ran to CVS during lunch to check my blood pressure - good thing that it is literally right down the street from here. If it were nicer, I would just walk. Anyhow, my blood pressure was 122/72. Much better! This whole 'resting' thing is working - who would have thought! Mom calls it 'modified bed rest' and I guess that is kind of what it is.

I pretty much stay parked on the couch from 7am until around noon with my feet elevated and work with the laptop on my lap. I get up and go to CVS and get my shower for the day from 12-1, then back to the couch with feet up from 1 until a little after 4. Then I get up and get dinner ready for Kevin to come home and the rest of the evening is more resting with feet up! It gets a bit boring, but just seeing the difference in my swelling, the low blood pressure, and reminding myself that this is the best thing I could be doing for Riley, it makes it tolerable.

Today has been a great work day, too. My meetings are going very well over the phone and I am getting so much done. The only thing that could make life better at this point would be to meet Riley!

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