Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a Dream!

I don't think I've been writing about my dreams in my blog, but over the last several weeks I've been having dreams about being in labor that slowly progress. The first dream I had about this was that I knew it was time to head to the hospital and I was in the elevator, heading to the maternity floor but there were many, many other women in the elevator with me - all who were much further progressed into labor than I was - and the dream would end with me in the elevator knowing that it was still going to be a while until it was my turn.

The next dream allowed me to get one step past the elevator - to the registration desk where, again, I had to wait in a long line behind women who were definitely going to give birth before I did.

The third dream in this series was where I was finally checked in and shown to the birthing room, but everything was very calm and relaxed.

FINALLY ... finally, last night, I had the dream in which I gave birth to Riley. It was a very short and easy birth (the thing dreams are made of, right?) where I didn't even have a chance - or need - for an epidural and I only had to push two times! I am very calm and comfortable in the dream, but don't get the opportunity to see what Riley looks like. Seems as though God wants to keep that part a surprise for me. =)

Not only did I have this dream last night, but my friend Morrighan had a similar dream - I had given birth and something in the dream left her feeling that it was a very short and easy process for me.

I only hope this is a good omen of things to come ...

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