Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just a normal update...

Obviously, the pains that I experienced yesterday didn't lead to anything over night, but they have continued. They aren't increasing in frequency, though, and I am not having six or more within an hour, so I know they aren't labor contractions of any sort, but they do remind me that things are progressing and give me hope for this Monday's OB appointment. I even feel more pressure today than I was feeling yesterday and I guess this will just increase from this point out.

In the meantime I haven't gotten to anything in my list of remaining tasks that I posted the other day. Maybe this weekend. Mom and Dad are coming up on Saturday and staying until Sunday, and I am really looking forward to that. I haven't seen them since the first weekend in October, so this visit is much overdue. Normally I would have driven down to see them at least once between then and now, but as of the beginning of October we agreed I wouldn't travel any more, just in case, so it has decreased the visits. I think they'll be surprised with how much I've grown in size. I send pictures now and then, but I don't know that they do the 'real thing' justice.

Kevin continues to work each night to make our house more and more beautiful. He told Riley the other day that not only did she get a brand new bedroom (and the NICEST bedroom in the house), but due to her soon-to-be arrival she also got all new bedroom windows, new basement windows, new downstairs furniture, new living room furniture, new paint color through the entire upstairs, and now new window treatments. Ha! She's spoiled already! New carpet for the living room and hallway is the next - and last - thing on our list for major home improvements. We've done a LOT in recent months!!

Kevin's current project is the window treatments. We wanted the living room and kitchen area to be more "warm". Until now we've had nice wooden horizontal blinds in the windows. They're nice, but the windows we had put in last year are SO gorgeous that I hate to hide them behind the blinds. So we're removing the blinds and we found the coolest, most beautiful curtains that just make it feel like a home. It's hard to explain. But I am so appreciative of the work he is doing to make everything 'perfect'. I feel guilty watching him do all of from the couch, while I use my stomach as a tray for my ice cream. =) I try to take care of the tasks that I normally would enlist his help for, but that I am completely capable of doing on my own - like gathering the trash on trash day, putting his clean clothes away for him, cleaning up the kitchen, etc. He's already doing enough.

So my parents will see a LOT of new stuff this weekend - not just my growing belly - and that's exciting! Even more exciting would be if I went into labor on Saturday night while they are already up here. Oh, that would be so cool! One of my worries is that my labor will progress so quickly that they won't make it to the hospital in time for Riley to be born. (Fast labor would be nice, but I'd rather tack a few hours on and know they are here). Now, we're not having anyone in the delivery room with us, but it would be nice knowing they are in the waiting room while Kevin goes out to give his hourly updates (I picture something like, "Meg is doing okay - in a little pain - crunching on some ice chips ..."). But as long as they are there to meet her first thing after she arrives, I'll be okay.

Wow - I've written a lot.

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