Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 38 Update

I had my 38-week check up this morning and was very hopeful going into it. Last night Kevin and I sat on the couch, him holding the stopwatch and me holding my breath as I had several contractions over the span of about 90 minutes. Each one lasted approximately a minute and they were about 15 to 20 minutes apart on average. These were very different than any I had previously. They were lower and stronger and just felt 'consistent' as to how they made me feel. I was reading a book when they began and some of the stronger ones made me unable to focus on the words I was reading. Kevin even got up and laid out clothes to throw on in the middle of the night and while we tried to keep one another from getting excited, I believe we both really thought last night was going to be the night.

Fast forward to my appointment this morning. Still no change. I am not dilated! Now, I know that people can go from not being dilated at all to being in active labor within the same day, but I was really hoping for some sort of progress.

"You said one week late, max, right?" I asked my doctor.

"Yes - one week late is the longest we will let you go. I promise we'll get you delivered", he responded.

So we scheduled next Monday's appointment for 11:00am and left - I felt a little defeated. The funny thing is when Kevin asked me "What did he say about the contractions you were having last night?" and I told Kev that I didn't mention it to him at all. He was so shocked. My thought was, what does it matter? I am not dilated anyhow, so it doesn't make a difference, right? Next week I'll mention it regardless, though.

So right now I am optimistic knowing that within 20 days we WILL be holding Riley in our arms, but of course I pray it is sooner. I've had more contractions this afternoon like I had last night, just not as strong. We'll see if they continue!

The rest of my appt was good news. My blood pressure is much improved since taking it much easier each day. Mom calls it 'modified bed rest' and I guess she is right. This morning it was 108/72. Much better than the 133/88 last week!! And my swelling is improving, too! Additionally I only gained 1 pound. Yay for that.

Lastly, Dr. B said that the baby is a 'great size'. I asked him what the guesstimate was on the weight and he said 7 pounds. Perfect.

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