Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uncomfortable ...

Alright - my story has done a 180-degree change since this time yesterday! NO. I AM NOT IN LABOR!! I wanted to clarify that right off the bat incase someone were to read into that first sentence. At my appointment yesterday I was given the same news I've received the past three weeks - that there was no change. I am still not dilated. My doctor reminded me that it doesn't mean I won't go into labor soon ... and it doesn't mean it will happen before her due date, either. Ah, the unknowns of pregnancy!

Around this time yesterday I had several people asking me how I was feeling. I was able to honestly tell them that other than being impatient and dying to meet Riley, I physically felt great and had no complaints. Fast forward to about 8:00pm last night. It was as though someone flipped a light switch. Kevin and I were lying on the couch catching up on last week's Grey's Anatomy and all of a sudden everything hurt. My back, my legs ... my stomach felt as though it weighed 10 pounds more than it did five minutes earlier. I tried to just shift my position, but nothing seemed to help. I got down on the floor on all fours and tried to arch my back - an exercise suggested in one of my pregnancy books for back pain. No help. I ended up marching back to bed at the ripe time of 8:11pm because I just couldn't stand being awake and feeling like that - I needed to just fall to sleep and not feel anything.

I did fall to sleep fairly easily and slept well other than my five trips to the bathroom through the night. This morning my back feels better, but walking is uncomfortable. There is definitely more pressure as I walk - I take this to be a good thing.

My plan for today is to remain in pajamas all day long as I work, into the evening. It is snowing outside, the sky is grey, and it just seems like the perfect day to stay put and stay comfortable.

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