Monday, November 3, 2008

Remaining tasks

Being the "list person" that I am (I cannot operate without a list), I have decided to list out the remaining tasks that I need to take care of during these last few weeks before Riley arrives.
  • Have car seat installed and inspected by Police Department. I went to the Fire Dept already - they directed me to the Police Dept. I went to the Police Dept, waited about 15 minutes for someone to help me, then realized I was so lucky that I was only there for a car seat install and not to report a murder. No one ever did come help me. And I am pretty sure those places don't close on the weekends.
  • Screw changing pad to changing table. This is Kevin's department, so I am just waiting on him (can't get onto him too much since he painted the entire upstairs this weekend.
  • Hang baby monitor. Since the crib is on a wall all by itself, there isn't a flat surface to place the baby monitor on, so I want it hung on the wall right next to the end that her head will be at. Once I find the hammer and nails I'll just do this myself.
  • Add last few items to hospital bag. iPod, headphones, camera, video camera, magazine or book, going home clothes, Boppy (people are telling me this is a must-have at the hospital). Man - there is still a LOT to add!! Better get on this one tonight. With my ZERO dilation, you never know what could happen (Sarcasm? You betcha.)
  • Hang book rack. I ordered this gorgeous book rack from Pottery Barn Kids (I've posted a picture directly below). My brother has one for the triplets and I think it is so classic looking. Kevin wasn't sold on the idea of needing to display her books, but I convinced him that we should "try it" to see how it looks and, worst case, return it. His version of the story is that I didn't get his agreement at all and just ordered it - and ordered it with gift cards purchased at Giant Eagle so that returning it for cash wasn't possible (I promise you, that thought never entered my mind - but it is good logic). So the case needs hung and he is purposely holding out on me ...

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