Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Resting from resting

Today was my first day working from home. It worked out really well - I was able to attend my meetings as normal (just on the phone and through NetMeeting rather than in person), and I feel like I got so much more accomplished today than I would in a normal day in the office. I am sure that is true - there aren't many interruptions here. I was able to keep my feet elevated almost the entire day. My back takes a toll from that position, though, so I had to give it some relief here and there. I am happy to report that while my feet and ankles are still swollen, they look better than they normally do at this point in the evening. I am sure that not wearing any shoes or socks all day played a big part in that, along with the elevation.

Riley was super active throughout the day today. I think that has to do with the position I was lying in, too. She loves to stick her foot right into my left side.

I went to CVS this evening to check my blood pressure. 133/88. Not great. I definitely expected it to be lower given that I barely did anything today in terms of being active. The fact that Edy's ice cream was buy one, get one free cheered me up pretty quick, though. (Not sure I recommend Egg Nog ice cream - the jury is still out on that one). I am going to borrow a home-monitor cuff from my in-laws tomorrow morning so that I can monitor it throughout the day rather than just once a day. I am curious to see what it is first thing in the mornings.

It was nice to get to be a "wife" again and have dinner on the table for Kevin when he walked through the door tonight. I haven't made a real meal in so long for him, so that gave me a sense of accomplishment that I have needed recently.

So now I am going to go lie down. It's 8pm, but I feel like I need to rest from my resting. I am having a hormonal/emotional evening anyhow, so falling to sleep may just be what the doctor ordered. More tomorrow ...

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