Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Well, Thanksgiving came and went without the arrival of a baby. Kevin and I both had a small feeling that we'd be eating turkey in a hospital, but that wasn't the case. Instead we enjoyed a very nice meal at his parent's house along with his sister and her family. After dinner we went for a walk, hoping to both make us feel better after eating so much and to see if we could get things moving along. We cut the walk short because I started contracting, but now I've learned that I should've kept going at that point! Walking is on our agenda again today, then - this time I won't stop.

I set my alarm for 5am this morning, not sure if I'd partake in Black Friday festivities before beginning work or not. I've been saying for weeks that if Riley were here before Thanksgiving I would go shopping ... and if Riley wasn't here before Thanksgiving ... well ... I'd go shopping. Black Friday has been a shopping tradition for my parents and I for nearly 12 years now, so not gearing up for it seemed a little odd. Since Kevin and I have all of our Christmas shopping pretty wrapped up for this year already, there weren't as many things that I felt I had to have. There was one item that I was interested in for one of our nieces - 50% off at Target - that I was interested in, though. So at 5am I rolled out of bed, threw on some sweats and a comfy top, and headed to Target. I was able to get the item I wanted for my niece and also snagged a flat screen for the bedroom.

Kevin and I have been looking for a new TV for our room and there was a great buy on a particular flat screen at Target. If you're a frequent Black Friday shopper, you'll know that it is rare to actually snag one of the electronic deals unless you're willing to run someone over with your shopping cart. I happened to luck out and was in the right place at the right time. Kevin is happy with it and actually unpacking it right now. We need to get a wall mount and some cables for it later today, but it will be fun to watch our new toy tonight when we go to bed. Hopefully that fun is interrupted by a necessary trip to the hospital. =)

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