Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Thinning!!

I am thinning! Well, as anyone who has seen me lately could tell you, *I* am not thinning, but my cervix is! We just got back from our 36-week check up. Today was the first of my weekly internal exams. Going into the appointment I had convinced myself that I would be dilated a centimeter or two and then - earlier this morning - even convinced myself that I would be told I was actually in labor and the doctor would make over me for my high tolerance for pain. However, that isn't how it went. And any sane person would have told me that isn't how it would go, either.

Instead, I have no dilation at all, but the cervix is thinning and Dr. B confirmed that Riley is head-down. So that's a plus, right? And although I feel like I am 20 pounds heavier than I was at my last appointment, I was thrilled to see I had only gained 1 pound in the past two weeks. And I didn't even mull over picking out a "lightweight" outfit this morning! You see, typically for each of my OB appointments I have picked out the lightest-weight outfit possible and have even gone as far as skipping the jewelry, headbands, etc. Hey - that stuff can add up on the scale! So to celebrate this small weight gain, I skipped directly over to Steak & Shake after the appointment and ordered a chocolate milkshake. Even I can see that my logic isn't quite in line at this point. Oh well - it tasted fabulous.

So now we have next Monday's appointment to look forward to. Who knows - I suppose a lot can happen in 7 days, right? In the meantime, I can say for a fact that my Braxton Hicks contractions have kicked it up a notch. Last night one took my breath away and I had that "Oh my God, this is it" feeling for a split second - then I realized I am just not that lucky.

I do have to insert a 'proud mama' experience in here, though. I do believe that Riley has graduated from the beginners gymnastics class that takes place in my stomach daily and is on to the intermediate level ... or at least that is how it feels! The little stinker loves to kick around in there, day and night! But I love it - and I know those kicks are something I'll miss once she is here ... but I'll take her in my arms over anything else, any day.

Lastly, Kevin has been going through his own nesting stage. This past weekend he single-handedly repainted the entire upstairs (minus bedrooms). That means he patched, primed, and painted (two coats) the kitchen, dining area, living room, and hallway. No small feat for anyone! The place looks gorgeous and has that fresh, clean feeling - the best way to welcome a baby into their new home!! What did I do during all of this? I did my fair share of cleaning - like REALLY cleaning. Everything that is exposed to air in the kitchen got scrubbed, blinds got dusted, woodwork got dusted, etc. I even found the patience to put the Pack and Play together!! Now it is just sitting downstairs, waiting for a little baby to nap in it. Soon enough ... soon enough ...

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