Thursday, October 30, 2008

T-minus 1 month ...

Today is officially one month away from our stated due date of November 30th. I've recently felt as though I've been pregnant forever, but when I consider the fact that I am now 9-months pregnant, it makes all the time seem so short. 1 month to go. 31 days. Unreal. I feel as though we are so prepared for her - both mentally and with everything we need to welcome her into her new home. Also knowing that our OB told us that he would only let me go one week past my due date, maximum, before inducing labor makes me be able to say with confidence that I will meet my baby girl in 38 days or less. Wow - what a countdown.

31 more days (give or take) of discomfort sounds okay to me ... but just when I thought it wasn't possible to become any more uncomfortable than I already have been, a nasty cold has settled in. Yesterday was day #3 of it and I realized that instead of getting better, it seemed to be getting worse so I headed to health services at work. I was given two prescriptions and orders to pick up an OTC medication - all of which my OB's office confirmed were safe to take at this point in the pregnancy. I am to take everything once a day, so I started them last night.

Today not only do I feel the same as yesterday, but I also feel drunk. It takes most of my energy to keep my eyes from crossing. I had my weekly massotherapy appointment this morning and I fell asleep on the table. If you can fall asleep while a 200-lb man grinds his knuckles into your back muscles, that says something for the medication. The silver lining here is that I had the best sleep I've had in months last night and I think the meds even succeeded in halting my bladder for a few hours so that I wouldn't wake up for my hourly bathroom run - and that is the only reason I am excited to take everything again tonight!

As for Riley, I think she is feeling the intoxicating effects of the medication as well. It feels as though I have a six-pound drunkard in my stomach, unable to walk straight, bouncing of the sides of my uterus, falling down, then jumping for the sky. But I love her all the same and can't stop smiling each time I feel her movements.

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