Monday, December 1, 2008

December Baby

Seeing as how I am sitting here, 40 weeks + 1 day pregnant, it is obvious now that Riley will be a December baby and not the November baby we thought she would be. I have my 40-week appointment at 9:45am this morning and I am very excited to hear what Dr. B has to say.

I was up through the night with different movements from Riley. Every time I felt something I would sit very still, waiting to see if it would turn into a contraction or something 'new' that I haven't yet felt. It didn't, but it did cause me to have dream after dream of her arrival. One of my dreams was Dr. B at the appointment today. In this dream he asked me "You have family that you want to come in from out of town, correct? If so, you'd better call them now". That gave me hope. =)

At the suggestion of my best friend Meagen (L&D nurse in Columbus), as long as I am at least 1 cm I will ask him to strip the membranes. I have read that it can be rather painful, but lasts only a minute or so and can help labor progress on its own - in many cases in that very same day. I may have written about this already.

I will post an update following my appointment ... unless I am sitting in a delivery room at Lake West Hospital. =)

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