Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Big "T"

Dr. K confirmed at our appointment today that Riley does in fact have thrush. The good news is that Dr. K said we've caught it very early and sent us out the door with two prescriptions - one oral one for Riley and a topical one for myself. I am to take 1 cc of the liquid medicine and use a q-tip to literally 'paint' the medicine onto Riley's tongue and the inside of her cheeks four times a day.

I am going back and forth from not worrying about this too much since I've read that it is very common and nothing to be too concerned with (and the doctor didn't seem to be alerted by it) ... and then on the other hand I freak out that she "has" something. I just hope the medication works. Dr. K said to come back in if it doesn't clear up in 10-14 days. For those of you who know me well, that means I have the 10th day circled on my calendar already - no chance I'll stay out of that office a day after the 10th day if it isn't cleared up yet. He told me that the 'worst cases' are that it becomes too painful on the baby's tongue and then they don't want to nurse. That scares me.

The GOOD news is that for now she is certainly a good eater. The little chunk was 7lb 3oz at last Thursday's appointment ... and just one week later she is rocking the scales at 7lb 13oz!!!

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