Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The countdown is on ...

One day down since learning the date I am to be induced ... two days to go. Well, a little over two days. I am obviously focusing on Thursday evening when we head to the hospital.

We were able to firm up some of our plans after talking with family last night. My grandma isn't going to be coming afterall. She is facing an eye surgery early next week and should something happen prior to the surgery, it would be best for her to be at home rather than up here. She will see Riley soon enough, although we'll miss her. My mom and dad are going to be up here late Thursday night. My dad works until 5pm, so they'll hit the road soon after that and be here between 9 and 10. They've decided to come straight to the house and get some sleep and show up at the hospital early Friday morning. They'll take care of the dogs for us that evening, through the night, and Friday morning. That helps me out more than they know, as I've been so stressed about the dogs being here alone through the night, not knowing what is going on.

My brother will most likely be heading this way on Saturday, just for the day. He'll leave the girls with Courtney for now since they couldn't come into the maternity ward anyhow. They'll meet Riley soon.

Kevin will head to the hospital with me on Thursday and after going back and forth on it, my friend Meagen has convinced us that Kevin should spend the night with me, although Thursday to Friday could be pretty uneventful. I just want him to be comfortable sleeping there and be well-rested for me on Friday. I'm going to need it.

Today we're (finally) going to get the carseat base installed. I want to go ahead and get the entire carseat in the car along with the window shades and baby mirror. I'd love to get the car all swept out and clean, too. I cannot stand a dirty car.

I went through the diaper bag this morning and laid everything out to make sure I had all that I needed. Of course, with the hospital just being 10 minutes away and my parents making daily trips back and forth, if I've forgotten something it won't be the end of the world. I think this preparation just helps the time pass.

My plan for Thursday, other than it being my last day of work, is to get the house tidied up for Mom and Dad ... plus I just want to return from the hospital to a clean home. We did a lot of cleaning this past weekend so there isn't much to do ... just some laundry and getting the guest room in order for our company. I hope these next few days pass quickly!

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My life as a Home Engineer on December 3, 2008 at 10:25 PM said...

This is so exciting. I pray that everything goes smooth. Try to labor over to the 6th so her and Nathan can share a b-day LOL