Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bath Time!

Tonight was Riley's first bathtub bath. Up until this point we had been sponge bathing her until her umbilical cord stump fell off. Well, it finally fell off this past Thursday, but that was the same day that she was diagnosed with Thrush and put on medication, so we didn't want to put her through too much all in one day. We've decided that for now, Sundays and Thursdays will be bath nights.
The bath went better than expected, but Riley still cried. It is so sad for us to see her cry since she cries so rarely. As for the bath-givers, we learned how to do things better and more efficiently next time. I assume this will be the learning theme for so much through the next few years.

I've attached some pictures from after tonight's bath:

Also, the Thrush is getting much better. Tonight I couldn't even see a trace of anything on Riley's tongue. She is taking her medication like a champ, four times a day. I am so proud of the little booger.

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