Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm on Etsy!

Right before Riley was born I ordered a few items for her from a cute boutique-like website for baby items. One of the items I ordered was a very cute, yet overpriced, hair clip. After receiving it I realized I could make the clip for much less than I paid. So, I started making some for her. My mom suggested I put them on eBay and see if I got any bites. Around mid-January I did just that ... and didn't hear a single thing from anyone.

Then, on Sunday, out of the blue I received two orders. I was very excited! One of the women has been very helpful as we've been talking back and forth through email about what color combinations she would like, shapes, etc. She suggested that I put my clips on Etsy.com. I had never heard of it, but quickly checked it out ... and signed up ... and now have my clips on there.

Etsy is very much like eBay, but exclusively for handmade items. I love that part. I just sent her some color swatches in the mail today so she can match them up to some of her little girl's summer outfits - I am very excited to get started on her order. And she belongs to a children's clothing message board of over 30,000 members and is going to give me a big shout out to the members on there ... I hope it brings in some additional business!!

If you're reading this and you're interested in having a clip custom made for you, let me know! Here is a picture of Riley (back in January) wearing a headband with one of my clips attached:
You can also find my listing on Etsy! meganbalaban.etsy.com

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