Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Packing for a baby - WOW.

I think the title of this post says it all! Last weekend was Riley's first road trip. I had mentioned a couple posts ago that Kevin was going to do some work on our half-bath that required some drywall sanding, and in an effort to keep Riley away from all the dust, we decided she'd head to Mom and Dad's with me for the weekend! By the time we got on the road Friday (2 hours after I began packing), I was exhausted. Who knew that a baby requires so much STUFF! I don't even feel that I overpacked, because I used every single thing that I took with me. I even forgot a few minor things that I ended up having to pick up while down there. At least now I've updated my "Riley packing list" with those items and have something to work off of next time ... which will come in handy soon ... we're doing it all over again this Friday!

That's right! My brother, his wife, and the triplets were supposed to come into town last weekend as well so that they could all see Riley and I could see them. Audrey, however, came down with a fever Friday night, so they had to cancel their trip. They are able to come in this weekend, though, so we're headed down there again. This time Kevin is coming along!

So I'll see how much more efficient I can be with packing this time. As long as I remember Riley, I consider it a success!

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