Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lots of Interesting STUFF!

On the days that I work, I go to the lactation room three times a day. A nice little perk there (aside from the room itself) is that it is littered with all kinds of magazines - mostly Parents, Parenting, and American Baby. I have a subscription to Parents already, but love looking at past issues that I hadn't read before. That magazine is jam packed with awesome information, tips, and websites. I've made a habit of dog-earing pages that have that useful information, then jotting it down in my planner. I thought a better place to put everything would be right here in my blog. That way I don't lose it, and maybe it will be helpful for some friends with babies as well!

Things I Want to Buy ... (name of item is the website link) ...
  • Toothbrush Guard: Obviously not needed until Riley begins brushing her teeth, but it suctions to your mirror and snaps open and shut at the touch of the brush. Side vents keep the bristles dry, to prevent bacterial growth (and it easily converts to a travel case for sleepovers or trips!).
  • Bobo Glove: What could be better than this? A glove that you wear and can use to entertain your baby while he/she is on your lap! Sure, I may look like a fool wearing it, but Riley would love it!
  • Closet Tags: I think I want this for MY closet ... not Riley's! These tags snap onto your closet rod and come with preprinted labels so you can arrange clothes by size, season, or category. For those of you who know me well, you know these would make a great addition to my closet that is arranged by color and sleeve length!!

Things I Want to Try ...

  • If you lack the crafty gene but love the idea of creating a special album, this seems to be the site to go to. You can apparently create something fabulous in as little as five minutes and are given options to email, print, blog or save your creation!
  • If you love doodads and thingamajigs to layer on a scrapbook page, check out this site. You can "scrap" with the site's templates or create your own. You can even email or upload your pages to a blog for FREE!
  • If you're like me and like to document every moment of your baby's life, this is probably for you. It's like an instant baby book that's free to share online and costs a nominal fee for a 12-inch square printout.

Things I'm Thankful to Know ...

  • Weight in Kilograms: According to a study, 7% of children hospitalized are accidentally given the wrong dosage of medicine. Yikes. Doctor's most accurately dose medication based on your child's weight in kilograms ... so it is helpful to know their weight in this measurement. To get the right number, divide your child's weight in pounds by 2.2.

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