Monday, April 6, 2009

Dear Riley ... (4 Month Letter)

My Dearest Riley,

Another month has passed, and just as the months that preceeded it, you've started doing so many things! The freshest in my mind is what you did just a couple days ago, on April 3rd, - two days before turning 4 months old ... you turned over! It was your first time to roll from tummy to back and you did it effortlessly, two times, and are getting to be such a big girl!

Your 4-month well check is this coming Friday and you'll get your next round of shots. It breaks mommy's heart to see you cry over the shots, but I am so excited to see what you weigh and all of your measurements to see how much you've grown!

You've also discovered that you can make all sorts of new sounds! A 'scream' is your latest discovery - this high pitched scream that makes me laugh once I realize nothing is wrong. You seem to do it just for fun!

You moved to the 'big girl' bottles towards the end of your third month as well, since you now take about 6 ounces each feeding! EVERYTHING goes into your mouth now - bibs, blankets, hands, my hands, daddy's hands, toys ... everything!!

You continue to laugh and smile so much and are just the happiest baby. You are getting yourself into a nice routine throughout the morning and the day and are becoming a little more predictable when it comes to sleepy and awake times.

You took your first road trip in month three, going to Grandma and Grandpa Nichols' house, two weekends in a row! I laughed so hard at all the 'stuff' that we needed to pack up for you - someone so small! You're such an amazing baby in the car, enjoying the trip as we go along. You also met your triplet cousins, Audrey, Calla and Gwen, during one of those trips and they were pretty amazed by you!

I am very excited to see what month 4 brings for you - I assume it will have a lot to do with more sounds and more rolling over! I love you with all of my heart - you are my world.

Love, Mommy

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