Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am really slacking on this blog - this isn't what I had hoped for! While it isn't much, I at least wanted to get on here and write just a few updates to what is going on in the world of Riley.

She is growing like crazy. We're officially out of 3-month clothes and into 6-months ... except for pants, in which she can still wear 0-3 months. They're high waters on her, but her waist (or lack of) is too small for 6-month pants.

She has a lot to say. She gets up in the mornings and just has so much to tell us. It's adorable. If I were able to translate those adorable babbles into the English language, I'd love to hear what she is telling me.

She loves to be on the move. This is the case regardless of whether she is lying on the floor (and constantly turning over, then turning her body 360 degrees in a circle) or on your hip. Sitting is not an option when she is being held - she wants you up and moving. It must be her attempt to help me shed a few more pounds.

She's amazingly adorable and addictive. 'Nuff said.

She loves sweet potatoes. Even more than bananas, which knocked my socks off. She even has a sweet potato song that Kevin and I sing as she eats. Do not request a private performance of the song - we won't grant it to you.

She's going to be blonde. I really can't say this with 100% certainty, but you may get me to say it with 99%. New hair is coming in and it is light, light, light.

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