Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Formula First

Tonight was a new 'first': Riley got her first taste of formula. I gave her a bottle with 2oz. formula and 2oz. breast milk before bed. I did this for a few different reasons:
  1. Last night was the hardest night we've (I've) had since she was born in regards to sleep. She was up every 2 hours or less. It was very taxing and I was a zombie this morning. Seeing as how I return to work on Tuesday, I really can't let this become the 'norm'. If it is true (of course it is) that formula takes longer to digest and therefore leaves a baby feeling full longer, then hopefully she'll sleep a little longer and I'll be a much more rested mommy in the mornings - good for her sake and mine!
  2. If there were ever an emergency and we had to turn to formula all of a sudden, I want Riley to have had a taste of it in some form prior to that.
  3. One of my biggest fears in returning to work is that my frozen supply of breast milk will quickly be depleted and I'll have to go exclusively to formula. I have nothing against formula, but as long as I am able to breastfeed, I want to. If I were to supplement Riley's bottles on my days at work with half formula and half breast milk, my frozen supply will last twice as long!

So Riley is in bed already - she conked out at 7:30pm - and we'll see how long this first stretch of sleep is. We'll also see what effects the formula has on her poop!! (Oh goodie!!)

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