Sunday, February 1, 2009

Riley's First Cold

Riley has her very first cold. I feel horrble because I am the one who gave it to her. I was diagnosed with bronchitis and a sinus infection on Wednesday and have since then tried really hard to limit my face-to-face interaction with her, but we can't eliminate it completely.

Now Riley is coughing, has a stuffy nose, and a runny one at times. Thankfully she doesn't have a fever - her temp has held steady at 97.1 degrees - but I still feel so badly for the little peanut! Thankfully her 2-month well-check is on Friday. I'll just feel better once Dr. K has looked her over. Until then I'll keep up with the saline drops, nasal aspirator, and run out to buy an inclined sleep positioner to try and get some of this drained out as she sleeps.

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