Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are We Regressing?

I feel like we're moving backwards rather than forwards in regards to Riley's nighttime sleeping. The past two nights she has been waking up every three hours. She has gone down around 9pm and been up at midnight, 3am, and 6am like clockwork. I am praying that tonight doesn't turn out to be a repeat performance. I keep going over everything in my mind that we're doing in the evenings as well as throughout the day to see if I am the one causing this change ... but I can't put my finger on anything in particular.

I wouldn't worry so much except I go back to work in 11 days ... and it would be very nice to not be waking up every three hours through the night. Most friends have told me that their babies really turned the corner on the whole sleeping thing between 10 and 12 weeks. Riley will be 11 weeks tomorrow, so I hope we're just on the back end of that estimate.

And as much as it may sound like I am 'complaining' about this, I really am not. I love all the time I have with Riley, regardless the time of day ... but 5-6 straight hours of sleep would be nice again. =)

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