Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a Blessed Day!

Today is an amazing day - two of my good friends, Kelly and Carrie, are both having babies today! What makes this even more of a nailbiter is that neither of them know the sex of their babies!

Kevin just called me to let me know that Kelly delivered a healthy 8 pound 8 ounce baby GIRL! Addison Jeanne Pitchler. Kevin and Kelly's husband, Frank, are close friends and Kevin said Frank sounded full of adrenaline. This is so exciting because I envision our little girls growing up together as friends and spending time playing with one another - how exciting. Congratulations, Kelly and Frank!!

Carrie is getting closer to meeting her baby. She and I have been in close contact via text messages all day (thank goodness for technology!). This friendship is very interesting because Carrie and I have never actually met one another, yet we both feel as though we're such close friends. When we were both trying to get pregnant, fate would have it that we both joined the same message board on a baby website. Our similarities were/are uncanny - I couldn't believe there was someone out there this similar to me! We text and email one another daily and have spoken on the phone several times. She and her husband, Travis, live in Maryland and this is their first baby as well. The four of us has planned to meet for a weekend last summer, but our plans didn't pan out. Kevin and I hope that we can drive to Maryland this spring to meet them ... and their new bundle of joy!

So all is well with the world - two dear friends having two precious babies. Nothing could be sweeter.

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