Saturday, January 17, 2009

Six weeks ... wow.

As I sit here to write this post, Riley is napping on my chest. I've found myself just staring at her this afternoon. This is something very common that I do, but moreso today. She is just so peaceful - and beautiful - and perfect. Her little hands are curled in front of her face right now and every so often she makes beautiful baby sounds.

As I was picking out her clothes to wear today, I picked out a particular onesie and pant outfit. Sure, changing diapers are easier in the recent one-piece outfits I've purchased ... but they are size 0-3 months. Today's outfit is size 'newborn' ... and I know that it won't be much longer that she is able to wear this tiny size. On one hand that makes me very sad - my little baby is already growing. But growing is good and it means she is healthy ... so on the other hand I am happy. Plus, these next stages in her life will be just as exciting as these first 6 weeks have been, just in different ways.

Six weeks. Wow. Yesterday marked 6 weeks for Riley. I have never had a month and a half pass by so quickly. This also means that my maternity leave is half over (I believe I've mentioned this in previous posts - can you tell it is on my mind?). However I am so thankful that when I do return work, I will do so on a part-time basis. I'll have to be away from my angel three days a week - which will hurt more than any pain I've ever endured, I am sure, but Kevin and I are so blessed to have our parents who want to provide childcare for those three days! I am sure leaving her in her grandparent's hands will make it somewhat easier.

Riley has begun smiling, as I wrote about a few posts ago. She seems to be the most 'smiley' in the mornings. She responds to me asking her "Are you a big baby? Or a LITTLE baby?" (in this ridiculously high-pitched voice) with a huge grin - it just melts my heart. Her smiles are so big and open-mouthed that you expect to hear a hearty laugh along with it ... but it is just this huge, gummy smile ... the most beautiful smile in the world!

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