Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A smile ... on camera!

Wow - so much for thinking I'd be blogging every single day! That is my intention, but the days certainly do pass by very quickly (how sad) and blogging is normally at the lower end of my to-do list each day. I hate spending any time that Riley is awake doing anything but interacting with her, and time that she is asleep is either spent on household things, a nap for myself, or sitting still because Riley is asleep on ME!

Regardless, today is worthy of a post - it is the first day that I was able to catch one of Riley's beautiful smiles on camera! She was handing them out like crazy after she ate this morning and I was lucky to have my cell phone nearby.

She is just growing and changing daily - I couldn't love being at home with her any more than I do! I could stare at her and talk to her all day long - she just amazes me each day. Her neck muscles are getting stronger and stronger and I am definitely figuring out what her different sounds and cries mean. We're really starting to "get" one another.

Here is today's smile picture:

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