Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Week with Grandma ... and a rash (the two are NOT related!)

My mom is in town this week, which is such a great treat for Riley and I. She came this week so that I could schedule various doctor appointments and wouldn't have to worry about taking Riley along with me. She came up on Sunday and we went to my friend Katie's baby shower for the little boy she is expecting mid-February, Jonathan Charles. It was a lot of fun taking Riley along with me - her first baby shower! She even dressed up for the event:
Yesterday I had my 6-week postpartum checkup with Dr. B. Everything went very well and I don't need to see him again for anything related to this pregnancy/delivery. Today I have an eye appointment. After that we'll be taking Riley to see her pediatrician, Dr. K.

On Sunday morning I noticed a lot of red bumps on her left cheek and up into her hairline and behind her ear. I consulted a few websites that I trust, but was disappointed to find descriptions such as "itchy rash", etc. I have no idea if it is itchy and Riley obviously cannot tell me. The rash is on the side of her face that she sleeps on, so I assumed it could be from spitting up in the night, lying on the moisture, and then the pores getting clogged. My sister-in-law confirmed this assumption and I felt much better. However the bumps/rash have now spread to the other cheek, up into that hairline, and on the back of her neck. I called the pediatrician's office late last night and thankfully they were able to get us in for an 11:50am appointment today. As always, I look forward to getting Riley weighed. My guess is 9lb 11oz ... we shall see!

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