Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Doctor Appointment ... and a surprise!!

I am happy to report that the 'rash' on Riley's face is nothing to be concerned about. It is actually baby acne and is very common. Dr. K said that it comes from the hormones being passed from me to her. Funny - my skin is clear and now Riley is the one with breakouts! He said it will go away with time, most likely in a couple of weeks. The big shock of the appointment came when we went to weigh Riley. I had guessed 9lb 11oz. Mom and Kevin guessed 9lb 8oz. Well, she tipped the scales at 10lb 7oz. WOW!

I did ask Dr. K about her recent increase in eating. Apparently babies go through a growth spurt during week 6 and she isn't holding back! During the day she is eating nearly every 2 hours - sometimes sooner. She used to eat every 3 to 4 hours. Dr. K said as long as she is keeping it all down, feed her when she is hungry - it is certainly a growth spurt. I just hope I can keep up with her demands!

The 'surprise' I mention in the title of this blog isn't Riley's weight. It is the LAUGH that she gave Mom and I when we got home from mall walking today (yes, I mall walk - we did FOUR miles!). Riley had just overflowed her diaper and we were in her room changing her on the changing table. She just broke out in smiles all of a sudden and then with one of them came this loud baby laugh! It was adorable! She gave us a couple more and, of course, by the time I grabbed the video camera, she froze and didn't grace us with any others. I hope to get it on camera soon!

Now I have to break the news to Kevin that he missed her first laugh. I guess it's fair - he got her first smile and I missed that ... =)

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