Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time to Protect the Crib!

With all that Riley has been doing lately, I assume it will be only a short time until she is pulling herself up in her crib and using the railing as a teething toy. A very expensive teething toy. Seeing as how she has a convertible crib and I plan on it being her bed until she gets married, I really don't want there to be any teeth marks in it. I'll have the memories of her teething days written in her baby book ... no reason to document them in the fine wood of her crib as well.

I had planned to channel my crafty self and enlist my very talented mom to make my own bumper-type pad for the railing. Up until recently the only thing I could find as far as teething protection was this gummy strip thing that adhered to your crib. The reviews were far from good and most people said it stripped the finish off the crib rails when removed. Not good.

But just last week I thought I'd give Babies R Us one more try and see if they'd added any new products such as this - and they HAD! I was very excited to find this side rail guard and this front rail guard.

I was a bit bummed that the chocolate brown ones were sold out, but figured going with the natural color would have more potential for re-use with the next baby, so it probably worked out best. I received them yesterday (they are available online only) but Riley was already in bed by time I opened them. This morning I put the side rail ones on and I'll put the front rail one on when I get home. Aesthetically, I couldn't be more pleased - they look great so far and seem to be very well made. They are very soft and no doubt she'll chew on them, but I'd much rather her chew on them than her beautiful bed!

So I thought I'd post this just in case any of you were looking for something similar! I'll add a picture tonight of what her bed looks like with these on.

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shanjol23 on July 23, 2009 at 9:25 PM said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for this! I hadn't even thought about him chewing on the crib. Parker's is a convertible crib too (actually the same one in the pics on BRU with the baby in the crib) and I agree. I would prefer it to last as long as possible and in as good condition as I can keep it! Thank you again!!

Megan Balaban on July 24, 2009 at 8:47 PM said...

My triplet nieces went to town on their cribs and I knew I didn't want Riley ingesting any of it and also definitely want it to last as long as possible! Glad that I could be of some help!!