Thursday, July 2, 2009

Riley has been BUSY!

Every time I go to update this I realize what a slacker I have been ... and I feel awful. If nothing else, I know as time passes I'll want to look back on entries of what Riley was doing and when and I feel like I am failing at capturing this information. Nothing should ever be more important than this after she goes to bed at night. I think I'll start slow and commit to writing every Thursday night and Monday night. We'll see how that plan goes and build on it from there!

Wow - Riley has been very busy over the past 11 days! She is doing so much stuff that I hope I can capture it all!

  • Crawling/Standing: She officially started crawling on Father's Day as I posted earlier. Since then she has already begun pulling herself up on anything in sight - couches, tables, dogs ... you get the point. If possible, she wants to be standing at all times!
  • Sticking out her tongue: We put her to bed one night and at that point she didn't know how to stick out her tongue. I went to get her out of her crib the next morning, and she stuck her tongue out at me. She has been doing it ever since and thinks it is pretty funny (and it is).
  • Roaring like a dinosaur: If you don't see Riley crawling towards you, you'll certainly hear her. She makes this sound that I can only describe as sounding like a dinosaur. It's hilarious and adorable and I never want it to stop!
  • Water, water, water: I swear she was supposed to be a fish. This girl LOVES water! She loves bath times and even passed up her bottle the other day when she saw her baby pool outside! She had just woken up from her hap and hadn't eaten in 3.5 hours ... and then spent an hour in her pool before I finally made the decision that she needed to come out because she must eat! I think she'd live in the water if we'd let her. She has no fear, either, and this is even after her face went under several times in her little shallow pool. She looked like she was going to cry each time, but didn't. She just let out a few adorable sneezes, wiped her eyes, and kept playing! I love that she is so comfortable in the water, but sure it is going to be a pain point in the future ... with the whole 'no fear' thing and what not!
  • Teething: Yup. As if she didn't have enough going on in her little world already, she has begun cutting her first tooth. I noticed it this past Monday - the little slit in the gum that Dr. K had told me I would see. I can feel the tooth very close to the surface, but can't see anything yet (other than that slit). She has been tolerating it fairly well, although she does wake up crying in the night a couple of times - something she hadn't been doing - but thankfully she is able to put herself back to sleep.

I continue to feel so blessed every day. Every time I look at her I thank God that He chose Kevin and I to be her parents. What an honor. I cannot believe that she will be 7 months this Sunday. I know I say it every single month, but each one seems to go faster than the one before.

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