Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Pops and Pie"

Today is Kevin's first-ever "Riley all to himself" day! I am so excited for him. Of course, my heart and mind is not at work (which is where my body is) - I would love to be with them. And while I did have that option, I told myself that he and she need this - just "Pops and Pie" time (Rye Pie, that is!).

Kevin has called me several times today with updates and he sounds as though he is on cloud nine. At first they were playing and he called to put me on speakerphone and let Riley and I "talk". Then we spoke as he was feeding her breakfast. Then we talked after he'd laid her down for her morning nap and he said she went down like a champ. Most recently I received a phone call as they pulled into Toys R Us. Now he sees how I get so suckered in to buying her toys and fun stuff - you see how much she loves to play and you just can't help it! I am curious as to what she'll get!

He said she has been extra clingy to him today - wanting to be held by him every time he sat her down. Rye Pie loves her daddy and I have the biggest smile on my face, knowing the fun they are having together. I can't wait to see them!!

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