Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Skype Hype

I've been hearing about Skype more and more lately, but honestly had no idea what it was. For all I knew, it was just one more social networking site to keep up with. Then Oprah started talking about it and I realized it is a site that allows you to video conference with people ... for FREE. That was great, but I still didn't check it out.

Then last week my mom made the tough decision to temporarily return to work. It is very short term - only lasting from June 8 through the end of September, but it obviously means that she won't be babysitting Riley on a weekly basis for the next four months, which is really hard on her.

So today I ran to Target and bought her a basic webcam for her laptop. Then I came home and installed it for her, along with Skype. Then I installed Skype on my own laptop and we worked together to figure out how the whole thing works. She left this afternoon (which was very sad) and just minutes ago we 'skyped' for the very first time. It's awesome. Our conversation was just like one we'd normally have on the phone, but I saw her. And I saw my dad. I even saw their dog, Mattie. It was like I could reach out and touch her, albeit a very grainy, about 2-second delayed version of her, but I could see her nonetheless. I'm sold. Obviously, the main motivation here is Riley. If my mom and dad don't get to see Riley in person over the next several months (of course we'll have weekend visits here and there), then I wanted the next best thing for them - virtual Riley.

She is in bed right now, but tomorrow, after her 6-month well check, she is going to Skype Grandma and Grandpa. I can't wait!!

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