Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

What a wonderful day. Just another day that reminds Kevin and I how absolutely blessed we are. It was Kevin's first Father's Day. The only "first" father's day he will ever have. And I think it was absolutely perfect. I hope that Kevin would agree.

It all started with breakfast in bed. Riley tried to steal Kevin's food a few times, but decided to stick with a bottle instead of breakfast cups.
After breakfast, Riley and I gave Kevin his Father's Day gifts. You must first understand how much Kevin likes to grill. He lives for it in the summer. If it can be grilled, he'll grill it. And if it can't be grilled, he'll still try. So it was very appropriate to go with some sort of grilling theme for him. But I didn't want it to just be grilling gifts - they had to be personalized somehow to make him remember Father's Day ... and to make it really seem as though it was from Riley.

About three weeks ago, Riley, Mom and I headed
to Spirit of Clay. Kevin never seems to have a large enough platter to carry his burgers or steaks or what have you to and from the grill. I had seen an adorable painting on a plate at the mall a few days prior, so I had a good idea of what I wanted to paint on his platter.
Start to finish it took 4.5 hours to paint. You'd never think that looking at the finished product, but that whole process is time consuming! Mom watched Riley the entire time and I was so thankful for her. At the end we finished it off by painting Riley's hand and foot and putting her prints on the back of the plate along with her name and the year.

Along with the plate I decided to order Kevin a personalized apron to wear while grilling. We had taken an adorable picture of Riley a month or so ago ... she made this hilarious face while staring at her food one night. But for the apron I removed the food from her picture and replaced it with a huge hamburger instead. I added the caption "My Daddy is the Bestest Cook" (also on the plate) and voila ... we had a personalized apron!
Then we had a chefs hat that we (I say this as though Riley really helped; She was there in spirit) ironed letters onto to spell out "Chef Dad". We threw in some grilling sauces, a grill basket, and a Berenstein Bears "Papa's Special Day" and there you had it - Kevin's gift!

We had a cookout at his parent's house today as well and Kevin was in charge of the grill. He wore the entire get-up and it was ADORABLE!!

We topped the day off with a stop at the playground where Riley got to swing on her daddy's lap and even go down the "big kid" slide!!! On daddy's lap, of course!

One more HUGE thing to add ... but it deserves a post of its own. So ... read on ....

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