Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Six months? Really? Are you serious?

I cannot believe my baby girl is going to be 6 months old this Friday. Where does time go? Kevin laughs at me because his stance has always been the same on this topic: time always passes at the same rate - never faster or slower. He has clearly never gone through nine long months of pregnancy followed by six speed-of-light months of a newborn. Unreal.

She is changing so quickly, it just blows my mind. She loves to stand up. I stand her up in her playpen and she holds on to the sides to hold herself up. She is ready to take off in regards to crawling. She's done the airplane move on her belly and now she is rocking back and forth on hands and knees. She woke up at 1:15am last night. Mom was taking her through the night and came into her room to find Riley on all fours, smiling and rocking back and forth. Oh, and she decided to turn on her rainforest crib mobile as well to watch it while she waited on Grandma. What a ham.

In my usual fashion, I have her six-month well check scheduled for ... you guessed it ... Friday. I want these appointments as close to the actual milestone as possible! I am very excited for it (except the shots) because I want to hear about Riley's growth, let Dr. Kannensohn see her progress, and hear about what new things she can start trying! This will be our last appointment with Dr. K and that is sad. We received a letter last week stating that as of July 1st he'll no longer be with Cleveland Clinic. We're hoping that he is starting a private practice that we can follow him to. I'll be asking on Friday.

I also have Riley's 6-month pictures scheduled for Sunday at 1pm. I am hoping she sticks to what seems to be her more consistent nap schedule. If she does, we should have a very happy 6-month old come picture time. Now I just need the studio to be on schedule!

I'll save my listing of all of her milestones this past month for this coming Friday's post. I have a feeling I'll have a LOT to write!

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