Saturday, December 24, 2011

Playing Mrs. Claus

It's creeping towards midnight and the hubby and I just finished playing Mr and Mrs Claus for the girls as we dug the gifts out of their secret hiding places and thoughtfully arranged them around the living room. For Sophie, 1 yr and 4 days old, tomorrow morning won't really mean much. For Riley, however (3 yrs old), she is adorably enchanted by all things Christmas for the first time, really. As she fell asleep tonight she asked me if I heard Santa on our roof. She has it all down pat, how it will happen. Santa will come down the chimney, eat the cookies and drink the milk, and leave presents and fill their stockings. This she knows because, according to her, she and Sophie are on the Good List this year. (However she did tell me "when Sophie gets bigger she will be on the Bad List"). :)

I have so, so much to catch this blog up on and decided tonight was as food a night as any. So now I'll fall into bed, hearing Riley in my mind, singing "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way to tooooown..." in my head, as she sang it a lot tonight. My two babes are deep in sleep, snuggled in their matching Christmas Eve jammies right now, and tomorrow will be so magical. And the best part? Riley knows its Baby Jesus' birthday. And that is the best present to me.

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