Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Magic

I can't stop recounting all the wonderful memories from this past Christmas weekend.

On Christmas Eve, by tradition we attended Christmas Eve mass with my husband's parents. Riley was amazingly good and so proud to point out Jesus from various places within the church. She whispered when she needed something and sat quietly when she didn't. She and Sophie looked beautiful in their matching dressed. I spent the majority of the service chasing Sophie around in a back area of the church, so sadly I missed most of the service. I knew this would most likely be the case and know it is a short-lived phase and next year will be easier. Prior to the service we were able to snap a few pictures. What you don't see are the pictures where an uncooperative, moody 3-year old was flinging her body across the floor in photo-protest. Ahhhh, the 3s.

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