Thursday, December 2, 2010

To Riley, From Sophie With Love

Last night our doorstep was graced by the UPS man ... something that seems to be happening every night recently since I've increased my online buying for this Christmas season.  I was so excited to see what arrived (just ONE day after ordering it from Amazon!).

Riley's "I love you big sister" gifts from Sophie.  At the suggestion of a person I work with, we ordered Riley two gifts that will be given to her 'from Sophie'.  Not that a two-year-old will be able to grasp who a gift came from - or necessarily care - but I do want her to feel special during all of the baby hoopla that I assume will be taking place. 

She has recently really, really been into playing mommy to her Baby Stella doll that my brother bought for her last Christmas. 

Now that all of the baby items are out in Sophie's room, Riley loves to put Stella (or just "Baby", according to Riley) in the bouncy chair and sing 'Rock-a-bye baby' to her ... or lay her down for a nap in the bassinet.  Seeing as how I hope she'll want to mimic me and be mommy's helper rather than jealous of a new sibling, we ordered her two gifts.  This first one she'll receive from Sophie when she comes to visit us in the hospital; a diaper changing kit for her own baby!
The second she'll receive when we come home from the hospital; a baby carrier that also doubles as a diaper bag for all of her baby accessories!
Both are so adorable and I can't wait to give them to her!!

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