Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Someone is going to be TWO!

It's hard to believe that my week this week is consumed with last minute birthday party plans. For my soon-to-be 2-year-old. TWO YEAR OLD. Did you get that? When did two years pass me by? This cannot be possible!

This year we're hosting a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday for Riley ("Mimi", according to her) and I am very excited. She is understanding things so much more now and I am most excited to see the look on her face with all the decorations and guests and presents. And I can't leave out the birthday cake and ice cream ("birt cake and tweem", according to her).

With Sophie's arrival just under three weeks away, I am still not completely sure that Riley understands what is going to happen ... nor can we expect her to. She is definitely enjoying seeing all of the baby items out, though - and using them. Such as the Bumbo chair or the bouncy seat. We even found her hiding in the Pack and Play bassinet the other day - tight under the shade that comes up. I had NO idea she could climb into it on her own, but she found a way. Little stinker! She likes to kiss my belly and push on my protruding belly button and say "Ding dong!" and then laugh really hard!

What else has Riley been up to recently? We went to her first circus. She saw and recognized Santa Claus at the mall for the first time. She gets super excited over seeing the Christmas tree and all of the lights. She recognizes a lot of letters and can tell you the sound almost every single letter makes. She can count to three. She loves to sing and does a great job singing "Rock-a-bye baby". While we aren't actively potty training yet (as I have made the personal choice to wait until after Sophie is born and things have settled down a little), she loves to go pee-pee on her potty each night after her bath. We've done this for four nights in a row now and even went poo-poo on there two days ago before nap. She is SO proud of herself when she does this and, of course, Daddy and I make a huge deal over her and she gets to pick a prize from her "Potty Chest" that I made for her.

She's amazing. She's the light of our lives. She's my single constant thought and focus through the day. She's my everything.

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