Tuesday, March 16, 2010

House for Sale!

It was inevitable.  The amount of 'stuff' that was being brought into our house was certainly outweighing the amount being taken out.  We knew that one day we would reach the point to which we'd personally out grow the house that we'd spent the last five years making our home.

Kevin and I have always talked about one day moving, and always daydreamed about building, our "long time" home together, but we never knew when that would become a reality.  Kevin owned our current home when he and I met, so I've never gone through the home buying (or selling) experience as a grown up on my own.  Until now.

This past Sunday we watched from the front window as our realtor hammered a 'For Sale' sign into our front yard.  It was a moment of mixed emotions - pure excitement for what our next chapter would be, then a rush of nostalgia, remembering what our house had started as and all of the (literal) blood, sweat and tears that had gone into making it a wonderful home for the three of us.  We had put in an amazing amount of work - and money - over the past 4 years - which allows us to be very proud of what it's become!

So that's it.  We're on the market.  So what are our next steps?  We're building.  Our dream is coming true and we're going to be able to build a home perfectly tailored to our needs and wants.  We can't wait.  We've been to the model homes and development quite a bit over the past seven days.  Decisions are being made in our minds and in conversations between Kevin and I.  While we will not be signing anything until our house officially sells, we have the luxury of Ryan Homes (our chosen builder) allowing us to work through the design process in the interim.

So I'll proobably be hijacking Riley's spotlight in this blog for a while, providing updates of this new journey.  How exciting!!

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