Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally ... a post about RILEY!

I'm well past-due for a posting about RILEY.  I've found myself so caught up in all of the newness of having our house listed, that I've let her blog suffer.  Bad mommy.

She is doing so much new stuff lately.  She'll start to do or say something new, try it out for a few days, then leave it behind.  She did this a couple months ago with the word "hello" (more like "Hewwo").  She said it clear as a bell for about 2-3 days, and then hasn't said it one single time since! 

She loves to spin in circles.  It's adorable.  She'll stick one arm out to her side for balance, then bend the other arm at her elbow and hold her fist towards her head.  It almost looks like she is holding a bow and arrow.  And she yells as she does it.  It's hilarious.

She has started saying "Bye" a lot.  She seems to really use it appropriately and will even accompany it with waving or blowing kisses.

She has said "Blue" several times, when looking at some blue colored carnations at Grandma and Grandpa Balaban's.  I am not sure if she is calling the flowers blue, or actually recognizing the color.  Regardless, we have time to work on that.

She has become a master of the stairs.  Kevin's parents have three sets of stairs in their house, so it is quite a feat to keep her on one level at any given time.  She taught herself to turn around and slide down on her belly, but she really picks up speed and shouts "Wheeeee!" as she goes down.

"Wow!  Wow!" is something she says a lot now as well.  I credit her favorite cartoon - "Wow Wow Wubbzy" for that one.

She has started to learn to march.  We call it her Riley dance.  She marches in place, picks up a decent amount of speed, and laughs so hard.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

She is also trying a lot of new foods and really turning her nose up at any more 'baby' food.  Her taste buds must really be developing and she wants true flavor.  She ate a pepperoni roll the other night!  Her latest craze is diced pears, though.  She loves her fruit!

She is still taking two naps a day for the most part.  I've tried a couple of times to really stretch her and begin making the transition to one nap a day ... but I just don't think we're there yet.  It'll happen and I'm in no hurry.

Her 15-month well check was earlier this month.  She was nearly 31 inches tall and weighed in at 21lbs 2oz.  She is 75th percentile for height, and around 40th for weight.  Dr. Kannensohn said there was no reason at all to be concerned about the lower weight since she is so ridiculously active.  She is eating a lot and that's what matters

Lastly, I saw the tip of one of her bottom molars cutting through earlier this week. She's had some rough evenings and days in the past few weeks and I am almost certain that would be the culprit - poor little thing!

I have some new pictures to get on here - hope to do that tomorrow.

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