Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Wasn't Sleeping, I Swear!

In 13 months, I have only had to wake Riley from sleeping one time.  It's a cardinal rule, isn't it?  Not to wake a sleeping baby? 

She is a consistent 12-hour-a-night sleeper, so by having her in bed and asleep by 7pm last night, I felt confident that she would wake up around 7am this morning.  By 7:10am I was completely ready for work, had everything she and I needed in the car, and even had the car started so it would be warm for our drive to Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

At 7:35am I told Kevin that I was going to have to wake her - I needed to get to work and didn't want her to be off schedule too badly today.  She is somewhat of a more sensitive sleeper, so I assumed she'd wake up as she heard us enter her room.  But she didn't.  Then I was sure that the sound of the zipper on her crib tent would wake her.  But it didn't.  So then Kevin and I started to gently rub her back.  She was so perfectly precious, lying on her belly, hugging her blankie tight.  And then ...  And then her eyes shot open and in one swift motion she grabbed blankie, pulled in her legs, and was standing straight at the edge of her crib with wide eyes, as if saying "I wasn't sleeping, I swear!  I'm late for school!".  It was definitely the type of comic relief I needed on a morning before work.  What a cutie.

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