Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Memories for Today ~ A 2-month old, a melt-down and crying, crying, crying

Let me start off by saying that Harper Quinn turned 2 months old today ~ a fabulous memory to start off the day!  Riley was still snoozing (final wake-up time: 9:15am) and Sophie helped make funny faces at her as I took a zillion pictures.

That may have been the last memory for the day.  Oh ... except for the memory of Sophie having a day-long meltdown that began around 5:15am when she shot out of bed, angrily demanding mac and cheese that very instant.  Aside from a 30-minute glimpse of happiness from her one or two times throughout the day, it was a seriously slow motion cry fest for nearly the entire day.  Sophie cried and screamed a lot, too.  (In fact, she looked a lot like this, although this was over a year ago when she brought this moment upon herself, getting stuck in a baby doll high chair and instead of helping right away, I found my camera to capture the moment.  Today, I wasn't so quick to capture anything):

So now my great memory is bed time.  My hubby has been taking on the bulk of bedtime duties with the older two each night and I thought that maybe Sophie just needed some one-on-one mommy time.  We went upstairs, brushed teeth, went potty, put on jammies and picked out some special books and climbed in her glider together.  She laughed!  We were reading in funny voices, having fun and then something hit her ...

"Waaaaaait.  Mom put me in pajamas.  And my teeth are clean.  And crud, my curtains are closed and my bed sheets are pulled back and .... AUUUUGHH!  This is BED TIME!!!!".

Our serene book-reading came to a screeching halt, but then I found myself in a place I haven't been in quite a long time.  I was rocking my not-so-baby, singing lullabies, and running my fingers through her hair.  While I rocked her nearly every night throughout my pregnancy with Harper, I wasn't able to hold her on my stomach and really cuddle her ... and since Harper has been born, I haven't been as present with her bedtimes.  So there we were - rocking away.  And although she was crying and protesting, I just held her tight and continued to sing.  Soon, her little tired body gave in to what she most likely needed all day - sleep.
Off to bed I head, with high hopes of better memories to be made tomorrow ...

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