Thursday, January 12, 2012

Proudest Mommy-Moment to Date

It isn't often that you'd find me at my desk at work, crying (although believe me - I've been on the verge many, many times). It happened today. But today they were happy tears. Thankful tears. Tears that came from validation that hubby and I are doing something completely right with our babies ... Or even more, that God is working thru us and them.

My husband sent me an instant message at work (we are employed by the same company) that he had just talked with his mom, who watches our girls. His first message to me was "Amazing Riley". This is of no surprise to me, as she is always amazing. But then his words that followed ...

"Riley was playing with a Polly Pocket and a Spiderman figurine today. Poly was yelling "help! Save me!", trying to escape Spiderman. Mom told her that Spiderman is a good guy and he saves people, to which Riley replied:

"No. GOD saves people".

Thank you Jesus. Thank you for working thru our daughter and having such an effect on her life. I can't begin to imagine what the Lord has in store for her. God is good.

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