Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And Baby Makes Four ...

That's right - there's a baby on the way!!

I've come here several times to share the news, and last fall's miscarriage still haunts me and makes me hesitant to get too excited. But at this point I am 15 weeks along and have to let myself relax and trust that this baby is here to stay!

So, to answer the common questions that come along with such news:

  • What is the due date? December 27th, 2010
  • Will you find out the gender? Of course; we're impatient.
  • Do you have a gut feel one way or the other? Nope! I've had a few dreams in which the baby is a girl, but that hasn't made me feel more strongly in that direction.
  • What are you hoping for? Aside from the obvious (Healthy baby and safe delivery), I am really torn! Half of me pictures another girl because I can completely see Riley growing up with a sister close in age, playing dress up and having tea parties. Plus, taking care of a girl is all I know, so it is familiar and comfortable. But the other half of me wants the experience of a son ... I just feel at this point that I'd have no idea how to take care of a boy! :)
  • Do you have things ordered? Not yet. I can't help but laugh, but I was looking at my pregnancy journal from the first time around. At 16 weeks, the nursery furniture arrived. That means we ordered at about 6 weeks! We haven't even looked at furniture together yet! (I've looked and think I've picked things out, but want Kevin's agreement.)
So there is obviously a lot going on with the Balaban household. My main focus has been on the house, but once we're in and settled, I'll be able to put more attention on the pregnancy. One thing is for sure, this has all helped it go very fast.

And my sweet Riley? She has no idea. I tell her at night that Mommy has a baby in her belly. She'll look at me with a questioning look and ask, "Baby?". I tell her "Yes, baby" and then she pulls my shirt up excitedly - but then I think she is disappointed, as she expects to see a baby or baby doll right there. She'll get it eventually. :)

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