Friday, April 23, 2010

One Ice Cream, Two Spoons Please!

Riley and I had such a great day together.  It started off this morning with Kevin, Riley and I heading to a very early morning (8am!) meeting at the model home for a few last things on the house.  After that, Kevin took his girls to Bob Evans for breakfast.  Riley was a superstar with her french toast! 

Later in the afternoon, I took Riley on an errand run with me and we made an unplanned stop at Cold Stone.  We (I) ordered a "Strawberry Banana Rendevous" ... I had a big spoon, she had a baby spoon ... and we shared bits of the gooey goodness and laughed the whole time.  Just two girls who are best friends ... and happen to be Mommy and Daughter ... hanging out sharing one of life's pleasures.  What a perfect day.

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