Thursday, September 3, 2009

I never want to leave!

All I keep thinking about this morning is how stinkin' adorable Riley is.  This does not make for a very productive work day.  I am so mad at myself for not taking a picture of her this morning.  I'll have to snap a quick one tonight.  She was in a new skirt and teeshirt and had a hoodie sweater on and Babylegs for the ride to Grandma and Grandpa's since there was quite a chill in the air - and she was SO happy this morning!  I think she is over the aches and pains of her cold, and now we're just constantly wiping that drippy nose.  She had a great night of sleep last night and woke up all smiles, ready to tackle the world, one toy at a time.

I've quickly realized (and honestly knew it all along) that it is NEVER easy to leave her.  On the days when she doesn't feel well, I don't want to leave her.  I just want to hold her and make the yuckies go away.  On the days when she couldn't be any happier, I don't want to leave her.  I just want to sit with her and play all day, taking in those smiles and laughs.  On the days when she is a moody mess, while rare, I don't want to leave her.  I just want to sing to her and play peek-a-boo until that bright smile returns between those pudgy cheeks.  I just never, ever want to leave her!

Yes - you can slap me now since I am basically complaining that I only have a 3-day work week each week ... but it is all relative, right?

And if I hate leaving her, how will I EVER survive this weekend?  My parents are arriving late Friday night and Kevin and I are leaving early Saturday morning for a weekend at Cedar Point.  Just a little getaway for the two of us for our 4-year anniversary (today, in fact!) before we head to the beach as a family of three the following week.  This will be my first time EVER away from Riley overnight.  And my first time ever away from her for more than a typical 8-hour workday.  I am praying that I am able to hold it together.  At least Kevin and I will have plenty to talk about during a 2-hour wait for a roller coaster.  The topic of conversation will absolutely be on our Rye Pie!

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